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Both front and back covers are made of composite crystal materials (pure acrylic). Each cover is about 0.3cm thick. The polished brilliance of the all-Crystal makes it a leading representative of the glamorous high end range albums, as its lavish thicker appearance also gives it the effect of grand luxury. This also means the overall album is slightly heavier in weight as as result of using an all-crystal cover and backing. Macromolecule technologu mounts the pictures directly on the cover and of the back covers, integrating them with thermal compounding. The fine integration results in crystal brightness, detailed picture clarity, and a smooth overall feel.


This album gives the impression of plush urban glamour. Combined with custom layout design, it is a great choice for most luxurious wedding albums and for display purposes as its bulkier appearance gives it an aura of elaborate elegance. The album is highy durable; with its tough hand-crafted construction making it resistant to warping, aging and mildew. It is suitable for large and medium size wedding albums.


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