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Super luxury deluxe. Containing 2 albums. Both front and back covers are made of composite crystal materials (pure acrylic). The crystal thickness of the covers is about 0.1cm. The polished brilliance of the crystal makes it a leading representative of the glamorous high end range albums, as its shining appearance also give it the effect of grand luxury. A couple album contains a bigger bride album encasing a smaller bridegroom album on the side. It is like an album within with another album concept, with both nesting together in a complementary union.


This deluxe visually-symbolic album is a suitable romantic choice for couples, with its thoughtfully enhanced couple format and design, which allows for a visual narration of their beautiful romance. A 12 -paged album contains 24 cross pages layout and 3 covers design, seemly to house 60-110 photos; A 20 -paged album contains 40 cross pages layout and 3 covers design, which will house 80-200 photos.


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